Inside Out: Getting in Touch with Our Emotions

Rewriting The Rules

This weekend I saw the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. I’m a big fan of Pixar already, particularly because their previous films have explored huge existential themes like death and the meaning of life, and because they often celebrate friendship and chosen families rather than the romantic relationships and biological families that so much mainstream media focuses on. That’s a big deal in a set of films that are also massively accessible and entertaining for children and adults alike.

When I saw that the main characters in Inside Out were a person’s emotions I knew that I absolutely had to go see it. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact several times I was moved to tears by how familiar the experiences were, and by this hugely important, complex, and rarely-expressed message being communicated so simply and profoundly in a ‘kid’s film’.

If you’d rather not be spoilered for the…

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1 thought on “Inside Out: Getting in Touch with Our Emotions

  1. One key precursor to experiencing your emotions is really learning to identify what your emotions and feelings are first. I find that learning to identify and name those emotions is really helpful. When I notice I’m feeling something I try to identify what the feeling is and the more I can identify the emotions the more I can notice them. There’s some helpful resources on getting in touch with your feelings, including an emotions/feelings list, at–emotions-resources.html

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